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Two Wounded Hearts, One Last Chance at Love

Two Wounded Hearts, One Last Chance at Love

Maryanne has spent years caring for her sister while the guilt of her accident weighs heavy on her shoulders. When her sister dies, she isn’t sure where she fits in anymore. No one has room for a plain, ordinary spinster with nothing to offer. When Miss Hazel tells her she’s found a Mountie in the Yukon Territory who she believes would be perfect for her, Maryanne figures she’s got nothing else to lose.

Preston won’t let himself fall in love with another woman who can break his heart when she finds out the truth about him. But when his commanding officer mentions that he should marry in order to make the local Indian tribes accept him, he decides he may as well take a wife.

When Maryanne arrives, Preston soon finds himself wondering if he could trust her with the secrets from his past. As they grow to care for each other, he realizes Maryanne has much more to offer than he’d originally believed.

Can two wounded hearts find a way to trust that they are worthy of each other? And what will happen when the past shows up on their doorstep, threatening to ruin the foundation they’ve started to build?

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Series RNWMP: Mail Order mounties
Book Number 6
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