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Mail Order Mayhem


When Maude is told she must marry a repulsive man, she instead responds to an Iowa farmer who is looking for a mail order bride. After sneaking out of town on a train, she goes to Iowa and marries. She quickly falls for the wonderful man she marries, but does he feel the same? And will she be able to escape her past?

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Mail Order Mama

When Emily’s mother decides to marry, her fiancé says that twenty year old Emily needs to find a new place to live before the wedding. Emily has always been exceedingly shy and has no idea what to do. She runs across an advertisement for mail order brides and responds, hoping to find a good situation. Benjamin lost the love of his life just months before. He and his girls need a new mama in their house. Will Emily be the mama they need?

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Mail Order Madness

Susan cannot stand living with her eleven younger siblings for another minute, so she answers an advertisement for a mail order bride, carefully choosing a man who has never married and has no children so she won’t be plagued with other people’s ill-behaved offspring. When she arrives in Fort Worth, she finds out her fiancé has been killed, and his older brother is offering to take his place. The only problem is his brother is a widower with four young boys. Dare she do it?

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Mail Order Mix-Up

When Ellen and her sister, Malinda, are forced out of the only home they’ve ever known by a local banker after the death of their father, they answer an advertisement placed by Harriett Long for mail order brides. Ellen chooses to marry the sheriff of a small town in Colorado while Malinda agrees to marry his brother, a banker. When they arrive, each sister is immediately drawn to one of the brothers….too bad it’s the wrong one!

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Mail Order Mistake

Malinda thinks her life is over after the death of her father and her subsequent eviction from the only home she’s ever known. She, along with her sister, answers an advertisement for mail order brides and their lives change. She agrees to marry a banker in a small town in Colorado, because she refuses to be afraid of where her next meal will come from ever again. When she arrives in Colorado, she immediately falls for the handsome gentleman who picks her up at the train station, but he’s her sister’s fiancé, not hers!

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Mail Order Maternity

The happiest day of Esther’s life quickly becomes a nightmare when she finds her husband dead in their fields. Now she is pregnant with no way to provide for her unborn child and her in-laws will soon evict her from her home. Becoming a mail-order bride will meet her needs, but will it allow her to find love and happiness?

Thomas is surprised to read the letter he receives from a young widow who is pregnant. He agrees to marry her, but wonders immediately what he’s gotten himself into. Was marrying a pregnant woman really the best idea?

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Mail Order Match Maker

After helping countless women find suitable husbands, Harriett is embarking on her own mail-order bride journey, to marry a man whose sister has eight lovely daughters of her own. Her new husband seems to care for her, but doesn't understand Harriett's attachment to her faithful butler Higgins. Will she find herself in another bad marriage, or is this, at long last, her own happily ever after?

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Mail Order Motherhood

When Clara's husband dies and leaves her with two children and a farm she can't run on her own, the bank evicts her small family, and she needs to find a new home fast. She answers an advertisement to be a mail order bride, hoping that the agency will find a place where she can not only be useful, but her children can be loved.
Recently widowed Montana rancher, Albert, can't raise his children alone, but won't risk loving another woman. Albert is convinced that he'll never love another woman like his deceased wife. When Clara shows up with two children, he's certain he’s made a mistake by taking another woman into his home. Can Clara convince him that together they can be a happy family?

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Mail Order Meddler

Francis knew something needed to change immediately. He was only sixteen, but he understood that his family couldn’t keep living on bread and beef jerky. In town one day, he noticed an advertisement for a mail order bride, and sent off a letter…after signing his older brother’s name. He’d just make sure to tell Andrew that his fiance was coming before she arrived. What could go wrong?

Tracy had lived in an orphanage since she was just a few months old. She only had a month before she turned eighteen and had to find a new place to live, complete with employment or a wedding ring. There were no jobs worth taking for a young woman, so she answered a letter requesting a mail order bride. Andrew sounded perfect. She’d meet him, and he’d be thrilled to see her, and they’d live happily ever after. Right?

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Mail Order Misfit

Elaine had spent over half of her life walking with a cane and being treated as if she were made of glass. When she sees no other option, she sneaks out and goes to see the owner of the mail order bride agency in Beckham. She picks out a man who seems perfect for her, and travels to Kansas City to be his bride.
Colin goes to lunch at the restaurant in town to consider sending off for a mail order bride when he notices a beautiful woman limp into the establishment. During his unashamed eavesdropping, he hears that she's a mail order bride who is being rejected by the man she's come to marry. He jumps up immediately and asks the beautiful girl to be his bride. Will they be able to make things work? Or will her insecurities keep them from ever being truly happy?

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Mail Order Minx

When Millie's friend, Berta, elopes instead of fulfilling her obligations to be a mail order bride, she decides to take her friend's place and be the best mail order bride a man has ever seen. Of course, she can't exactly cook, and she enjoys meddling in other people's lives under the guise of "helping them," but surely, her future husband won't mind that.
Connor waits excitedly for his Berta to get off the train in Idaho, knowing that she is the answer to his prayers. She's an excellent cook and a hard worker, just what he needs for his restaurant. He's confused when Millie gets off the train in her place, but he accepts the switch good-naturedly. His bride has married someone else, after all. What could possibly go wrong?

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Mail Order Misunderstanding

Julia Simmons had spent her entire life studying hard to become a teacher. Finally, she had her first assignment, in a small Texas town, and she was on her way. When the stagecoach dropped her off, the only man nearby kissed her, acting as if he'd been waiting for her. She couldn't seem to make him understand she wasn't his mail order bride.
When she found herself married an hour later, she was clueless as to how to handle it. How would the school board react to having a married teacher? And more importantly, how would her new husband, Tom, react when his real mail order bride arrived in town?

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Mail Order Misfortune

When Anna arrives to meet her groom two weeks later than expected, she is more than a little surprised to find him already married. It's just her luck that she finds his new wife to be one of the sweetest women she's ever met. She reluctantly takes on the role of teacher for her new community, hoping that she will be able to make a place for herself there.
Jesse moves to Wiggieville, Texas, with his young son, hoping the two of them can leave his son's mischievous reputation behind. When he's called in for a meeting with the schoolteacher, he's shocked when she berates him for the way he's raising his son. After getting her fired, he does the only thing he knows to do, but will he ever find a peaceful life with the little spitfire?

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Mail Order Melody

Famous opera singer, L'Angelina seems to have it all. She travels from place to place with her manager making a living with her voice. So why is she so unsettled? When she receives a note threatening her family, she jumps at the first opportunity available to her. She becomes a substitute mail order bride using the name she was born with, Eliza Woods.
Calvin Simpson has finally reached the point where he feels he can financially support a family, so he sends off for a mail order bride. He's not thrilled that the bride chosen for him is nineteen, but he doesn't feel he can be too choosy. When a mature, full-figured woman gets off the train and announces she's there to be his wife, he's thrilled. Eliza is the woman of his dreams. Can they be happy or will the constant threat destroy their marriage?

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Mail Order Mischief

When Elizabeth Miller agreed to manage a mail order bride agency years before, she had no idea that it would leave her lonely and isolated. She's loved one man for years and is about to give up on marrying for love entirely. When she receives a letter from a man in Texas looking for a bride, she considers marrying him to be close to her sister. She doesn't want to be alone for the rest of her life.
Bernard agrees to work for Elizabeth after his life is shattered. As he slowly heals and picks up the pieces and gets to know his beautiful employer, he realizes he is falling for her more and more, but he knows his place in life. When she insists on taking a trip to Fort Worth to check out a potential groom, he knows he can't send her alone. Will he be able to survive the long train ride to Fort Worth without letting his feelings show? Or will Elizabeth somehow convince him that they are meant to be?

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Mail Order Mistletoe

Meg O'Reilly wonders what ever made her want to be a teacher. The last four members of the demon horde are making her life miserable. When one of them slaps a copy of the Grooms' Gazette on her desk and tells her to go see their older sister so she can find her a groom, she reads through the paper and decides to do just that. Confident in her decision, she sends a letter to the man she chooses that very day.
The one thing Lars Borgen is not looking for is love. He wants a wife to share his life, his work, and his bed, but he doesn't ever expect to feel any tender emotions for her. Expecting a plain bride, he is startled when beautiful Meg steps off the train looking for him. Will he be able to hold steadfast and keep from falling in love? Or will his sweet, pretty bride win him over, giving him a second chance at love?

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Mail Order Merry

Merry Winters wants something more out of life, but she feels beholden to her sister and brother-in-law, who have given her a home for the past four years. When a fire takes their lives, and leads her with their two young children to raise, she agrees to move to Montana to be a mail order bride as long as she can keep running her business.

Clyde Bellman has a plan for his life, and he’s at the point where that plan calls for a wife. He sends a letter to a matchmaker in Massachusetts hoping for a strong, independent bride. When Merry arrives with two young children in tow, he knows he needs to be the best uncle the two children have ever seen. Can he help his new bride to overcome her sadness and become a good wife? Or will he spend the rest of his life hoping for love that will never come?

Mail Order Miracle

Francine “Frankie” Weston is an independent woman. She moved to Idaho to homestead with her older brother at the tender age of seventeen, pretending to be a man. Now, at twenty, she’s ready to marry, but she doesn’t want to admit she’s deceived everyone, so she sends for a mail order groom—one who’s willing to take her last name. She doesn’t think it’s possible, but she’s willing to wait for just the right man to make her happy.

Wallace Miller, a former member of the demon horde, feels like his life is going nowhere. His reputation as a troublemaker has followed him into adulthood, and he can’t seem to catch a break. When his older sister, Elizabeth, shows him a letter from a woman wanting a man to marry, he’s shocked before he sees the potential of the situation. Meeting his pants-wearing independent bride comes as a bit of a shock. Will the two of them be able to come to a compromise about how a lady should act? Or will they be destined to be partners in life, but never partners in love?

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Mail Order Machinations

Sisters Esther and Coral Carruthers realize they need to leave town quickly to escape the scandal of their father’s crime. Esther chooses to become a mail-order bride in faraway Montana Territory rather than face her former fiancé at every turn. The only problem is she must take her younger, and more capable sister, with her when she goes.
Brody Finnegan sends away for a mail-order bride and is thrilled when Esther answers his letter, not realizing she will be bringing her younger sister with her. He’s not happy when he spots the two of them together, but agrees to still marry Esther taking them both on. Will Esther and Brody be able to get past her initial deception and find love together? Or will having Coral involved ruin everything?

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Mail Order Marvel

Coral has always been different than other young ladies, and not just because of the circumstances of her birth. When her sister, Esther, moves west to Montana to be a mail order bride, she goes with her, hoping that she will quickly find a husband herself and not long be a burden on her sister and her new husband. She agrees to meet any of the men her brother-in-law finds suitable for her, hoping she will find a match and leave the newlywed’s home.
Jackson is new to the rural area of Montana where he is now teaching. When he’s approached by one of the local ranchers to meet his younger sister-in-law, he goes along with it, because he realizes having a wife would make his life a great deal easier. Upon meeting Coral, he is initially put off by her bold manner, but he agrees to the match, and soon the couple is off to Sweetwater Springs to marry. Will he be able to get past Coral’s boldness to see the woman within? Or will they spend the rest of their lives in a loveless marriage?

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