Yukon Yuletide

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This year, Christmas is coming by dog sled!

This year, Christmas is coming by dog sled!

Nine months ago, Mack Holmes’ dreams of another Iditarod win—and a legacy which would insure his kennels’ success—drowned under a frozen river with half of his team. The pain of learning to walk again with a prosthetic leg was nothing compared to the weight of the guilt that’s been eating him since the accident, and he’s hidden himself in a secluded mountain cabin at River’s End Ranch.

Marybeth Weston is a catastrophic insurance adjuster with Catastrophic Anxiety, who is frighteningly close to a breakdown when she returns to her family’s ranch for a holiday break. Learning a champion musher is playing recluse in her family’s mountains, she leaps at the chance to deliver supplies to him…little realizing a blizzard would trap her in the primitive cabin with Scowly McGrinch himself.

But maybe this slower pace of life—returning to the Christmases of yesteryear—is exactly what Marybeth needs to calm her troubled soul. And maybe Mack is finally going to realize he can’t keep hiding from his future forever…


And maybe reindeer can fly.

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Series River's End Ranch
Book Number 34
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