Healing Hearts

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Vicki is the last Quinn standing...

Vicki is the last Quinn standing...

Over the past year, all of her cousins and siblings have fallen in love, leaving her the sole focus of her matchmaking grandmother's attention.

When one of the residents in the nursing home where she works asks Vicki to accompany her on a road trip, along with her estranged grandson, Vicki isn't sure it's a good idea. But, without her, the trip can't happen—and Vicki wants to be able to give the woman this chance to go back home one more time.

But, the one problem is the grandson who has been absent for years. Can she ever trust that he has his grandmother's best interests at heart?

After their less than ideal first meeting, they are forced to spend days on the road together, where they will both learn a lot about family, loyalty and forgiveness.

Can hearts that have been hurting for so many years ever truly be healed? Or, will Vicki remain the one Quinn who will never find their happy ever after?

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Series Quinn Valley Ranch
Book Number 27
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