Phebe's Promise

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Can a man with his head in the clouds and a woman with her feet firmly on the ground, find a way to make a life together?

Can a man with his head in the clouds and a woman with her feet firmly on the ground, find a way to make a life together?

Phebe became an orphan the day she was born. Her mother died giving birth, waiting for her husband and son to return from the gold fields in California. But neither one was ever heard from again. Still, it makes no difference to Phebe that twenty-five years have passed, she’s determined to find them. After all, she’s promised her “angel mom” she would. But she has no idea how she’s ever going to keep that promise. 

When Madam Wigg, the head of the orphanage and school where Phebe grew up, offered her the chance to start a school of her own anywhere she wanted, how could she say no? The mountains of California would be the perfect place to start her school! She could take in all the orphans of the miners and keep her promise to search for her missing family. But first she had to find a way to get there. Becoming a mail order bride seemed like the perfect answer!

Henry has a problem. A woman he doesn’t like at all has tricked him into an innocent but seemingly compromised position so he’ll be forced into an unwanted engagement. Which is exactly what will happen if her ruthless father has anything to say about it. 

As a scientist and an inventor, Henry can be brilliant in his experiments, but he’s also accidentally started a fire or two and maybe blown-up something on occasion. And he doesn’t know one thing about marriage, romance, or how to get out of marrying someone he can barely tolerate. Even so, he’s stunned when his family comes up with a solution—he can’t get engaged if he’s already married. A mail-order bride is just what Henry needs. And they are sure they’ve found the perfect match for him!

But Henry’s not too keen on the idea. He might be simply trading one problem for another. And when Phebe meets Henry, she’s not at all certain he’s husband material. He’d likely blow-up or burn down her new school! Will these two opposites ever work this out?

Phebe's Promise is a sweet, historical romance set in California several decades after the gold rush. It is the second story in the Silver Dollar series, and is also part of the fantastic Alphabet Mail-Order Bride series.

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