Orlan Orphans

The Matron

This 15,000 word novella is a PG read and was originally published as part of the Call Me Valentino anthology.

Cassie Morgan has to take fifteen young ladies all the way to Texas from New York, but she is unsure if it's a good idea to be driven there by a rugged cowboy. How will she keep her heart intact?

When Valentino Hayes is offered the job of driving a bus full of orphans to Texas, he jumps at the chance to find his long lost brother. Now to convince the beautiful Mrs. Morgan to permit it. Will the trip to Texas be more than they expected?

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Eighteen year old Ruby has known for years that she would eventually marry her childhood sweetheart. When she's forced to move to Texas, it throws a kink in her plans, but she still knows that David will send for her, and they'll marry. After a year of living in Texas she receives a letter changing her whole world.
Lewis moves to Nowhere, Texas, to start a new life with his sons after his wife leaves him for another man. When he's introduced to Ruby, he feels strongly that she would be the perfect wife and new mother for his boys. The only problem is she's engaged to someone else. When he finds out Ruby is no longer engaged, he takes the opportunity to make his move, asking her to marry him immediately. Will Ruby ever get over her feelings for her former fiancé and fall for Lewis? Or will they spend their lives trapped in a loveless marriage?

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Opal's life had gotten much better since she'd left New York. Her twin had just married, and she was living in a house with thirteen other girls, with a crazy old lady as their new "mother." Florence Reid, a little girl Opal met in town, was just what Opal needed to stop worrying about being left behind and move on with her life. The little girl needed help, and Opal was just the woman for the job!
Nathaniel Reid was a widower, doing what he could to keep his daughter happy and healthy. When he got in from a long day of work and found a woman there, cleaning his house and cooking his supper, he knew he needed to keep her around. Would he be able to convince her that she belonged in his life? Or would she go home and forget all about them?

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Sarah Jane

Sarah Jane Jefferson never felt like she was important to anyone. Just one of the fifteen orphaned girls Edna Petunia Sanders adopted, she spent her days working in an orphanage. She had no real talent other than cooking, but she knew how to love. Needing someone to play Santa Claus for the orphans' Christmas party, she approached the handsome young pastor, Micah Barton, the new man in town.

Micah Barton had his eye on one of the orphans the Sanders had adopted, and when she approached him to help her at the Christmas party, he couldn't refuse. When a little girl captured his heart at the party, and he needed a wife to help him raise her, he knew what he had to do. They could parent the little girl together easily, but could they live as husband and wife as effortlessly? Or were they destined to be in a loveless marriage for the rest of their lives?

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Evelyn Sanders is a smart, confident woman, who is tired of the games boys play. She wants to marry, but she needs someone who will be honest with her and treat her like a lady. When one of her students misbehaves in class, and she meets with his father, she is unprepared for the feelings that spring to life for him, despite his seemingly uncaring attitude about his son’s misdeeds.
Frank Keifer moved to Nowhere, Texas, to start a ranch and escape the unhappy memories of his ancestral home in Georgia. When his son acts up in school, he hatches a plan to make the pretty teacher’s assistant in town his son’s private tutor. Even he isn’t sure if he does it to get his son a quality education or to get to know the pretty lady. Will he be able to trust his heart enough to fall in love again? Or will he spend the rest of his life alone and sad?

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Penny Sanders is happy with her life in Nowhere, Texas. She’s been adopted by a wonderful elderly couple who are determined to be good parents for her and her sisters, and she has a good job doing what she loves best. When a handsome stranger wanders into the mercantile where she works, she is immediately attracted to him, but she’s unsure if she can trust him beyond a business relationship. While his eyes make her heart beat faster, she is cautious, not wanting to ruin the good life she has.
Tom McClain is a man who believes very strongly in fate. The youngest of seven brothers, he has always known where he was going, if not when he’d arrive there. When he sees Penny sitting at her work table, he knows she’s the woman who will complete him, and he immediately sets to the task of convincing her. Will he be able to make her understand that they’re meant to be together? Or will her overwhelming family get the better of him?

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