Roberts of Silver Springs

Rocky Mountain Mornings

Opening a bed and breakfast with her cousin in her hometown of Silver Springs, Colorado has been Bri Roberts lifelong ambition, and it’s finally coming true. They are two months, a lot of hard work, and some spit and polish away from making all their dreams come true. Bri is focused and ready to work as hard as it takes to make a success of herself. When a contractor moves into town and messes with her head, she agrees to go out with him just once, knowing it will never lead anywhere.
Anthony Black is new to Silver Springs and more than a bit thrilled by the small-town feel. Everyone knows everyone else, and he has a new job building a couple of bathrooms for a B&B that’s about to open. The first day on the job he meets saucy Bri Roberts and immediately decides he’s going to make her his wife. The problem is she doesn’t necessarily like him at first. Will Anthony be able to convince Bri that she is what he’s been looking for all his life? Or will outside forces manage to keep them apart?

Rocky Mountain Hero

Spike Roberts has no idea why everyone in his hometown of Silver Springs, Colorado thinks he’s a hero. Fixing someone’s flat tire or rescuing a stranded kitten isn’t the stuff of legends. It isn’t until Amy Sanderson drops into his life that he decides being a hero isn’t such a bad thing after all — as long as he can be her hero.

Life hasn’t been easy for Amy, but she’s come out the other side stronger and wiser. Now her two jobs and rambunctious, young son keep her too busy to date — even if she wanted to. Then thrill-seeking vagabond Spike Roberts asks her out, and she knows better than to say yes. But she does it anyway.

When Amy’s past becomes very much present, they’re left wondering if their small town romance can survive a big time scandal.

Welcome to Silver Springs, Colorado! Nestled high in the Rocky Mountains, this small town is home to rugged sportsmen, charming adventurers and sassy ladies, including a group of cousins just waiting for their happily ever after. Brought to you by bestselling authors Kirsten Osbourne, Cassie Hayes, Kay P. Dawson, Nadia Lee and Ciara Knight, this series will tickle your funny bone and warm your heart.

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Rocky Mountain Soul

A second chance at love...

Erin Fowler moved to Denver to forget the one who broke her heart. When circumstances bring her back to her hometown of Silver Springs, what will she do when faced with the man who says he’s sorry for the mistakes he made as a boy?

Jackson Roberts has never got over his high school sweetheart, and has carried the guilt ever since for what he did to her all those years ago. He’s determined to make things right, and prove the love he had for her then has never wavered. Will he get the chance to win back the only woman he’s ever loved?

What will happen when the mistakes of the past threaten to destroy their chance for a future?

Rocky Mountain Bride

Manhattan socialite Lina Vogel breaks up with her groom after discovering him with her best friend--and maid of honor--fifteen minutes before the ceremony. Devastated, she flees the scene, getting pulled over for speeding in a small Colorado town. Ironically, it's her older sister's ex-fiancé, Sam Roberts, who comes to her rescue.

A Harvard-educated lawyer, Sam swore off big city women since leaving Manhattan, but there's something about Lina he can’t ignore. When his legal secretary quits without notice, Lina comes to his rescue. The attraction between the two is unexpected and unwanted. Aside from being his ex-fiancée's sister, she's vulnerable after her aborted wedding. Sam knows better than to expect her to give up the glamour of New York City for small-town life.

Will the two of them be able to get past their differences to see a future together? Or will Lina's family secret keep them apart?

Rocky Mountain Promise

Rex Snyder faces an impossible decision. What’s a guy to do when his best friend, the man who saved his neck three times in the middle east, asks him to liquidate and sell his grandparents’ home? The home that happens to be in Silver Springs, Colorado, the place he joined the Marines to escape. With no other choice, he returns knowing he’ll have to face the only woman he ever loved. The woman who he had to let go.

Ally struggles to live up to the Roberts name. With successful siblings and an even more successful and respected father, she can’t face shutting the doors to her antique store. When her former love, Rex Snyder enters her shop, offering to contract her to sell antiques that would garner her a fortune and save her business, she has to make a choice between her business or her heart.

Rocky Mountain Nights

Bekah Roberts had everything going for her. She was part-owner of a B&B with her cousin. Her social life was active and fun. As the pretty princess of the Roberts clan, she knew she had it all. But watching her cousin, Bri, with her new husband made her heart yearn for more. Everyone saw her as the girl who had no limits, but she knew better.
Hunter Sloane, a best-selling murder mystery writer, needed to finish his book. He was stuck looking at the same four walls every day and he needed a change if there was any way to make his deadline. When he arrived at the small B&B in Silver Springs, Colorado, he had chosen for his writing spot, one of the first people he met was beautiful Bekah Roberts. She distracted him from the first moment. Would he be able to keep focused and get his book written? Or would he spend more time writing the story of his life?