Stand Alone Books

Dream Lover

Samantha has been a single mom since her husband died. She decides that she isn’t going to date again. When sexy Nick Boston and his son, Connor, come into her life, she isn’t sure what she should do. She ends up allowing him to get too close and before she knows it, she has a full-fledged relationship going. Is this really the best thing for her and her son?

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Making Me Believe

Rose didn't expect to even see anyone else in her apartment complex's laundry room on a Friday night. She was usually there all alone. Imagine her surprise when a good looking man walks in and starts doing his laundry.

Alex wasn't looking for a commitment. He just needed to do the month's worth of laundry that he'd let pile up. How was he supposed to know that his dream girl would be there?

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All For Emma

This novella tells the story of Katie and Ryan.

After the death of Katie's brother and sister in law, she must join forces with the only man she has ever had a crush on. The two need to find a way to come together to give their niece a stable life. Will Katie be able to get over her shyness and deal with Ryan? Or will they need to find a way to share custody?

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Making Deals

In this novella Best friends, Kyla and Erik, have sat together on the bus every day for their four years of high school. A week before graduation, Erik talks Kyla into making a deal with him to agree that if they are both virgins at the time of college graduation, they will take care of their "problem" with each other. Will they actually go through with it? Will they even like each other in four years?

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