Stenwick Siblings

The Earl's Love

Percy, Earl of Stenwick, spent all of his time hiding out in the country pursuing his work as a stonemason. When his father died, leaving everything mortgaged to the hilt, he'd turned his avocation into a job that would feed and clothe his family, and he'd slowly gotten them out of debt.

Diana was the daughter of a tradesman and looked down on by most of the ton, but that wasn't the only strike against her. She also had an odd ability to make all the men fall in love with her, which did not endear her to the other women of Society. When Diana's father and Percy's mother decide the two should marry, they realize that they are kindred souls at heart. Will they be able to get beyond their differences to live happily ever after? Or will they always be at each other's throats?

The Duke's True Love

Charlotte, younger sister of the Earl of Stenwick, is tired of the endless round of parties that are part of the London Season, yet she wants to marry, so feels she has no choice. Her special abilities make her feel that most members of the ton are liars and unfit for anyone to live with. When she makes a wish on the fountain by the lake at her ancestral home, she laughs at herself, knowing it could never come true.
Anthony never felt much for his first wife having only married her to please his parents and refill the family's coffers. During her life, he remained true to her in every way, but after her death, he feels free to pursue the woman he is most interested in -- Charlotte, his closest friend's sister. Will he be able to convince her he's not like other men and earn her trust? Or will she pass up her chance at true love forever?

The Prince's Charmed Love

Lucy, the youngest of the three Stenwick siblings, is bored with the endless round of balls in the London Marriage Mart. She wants nothing more than to retire to the country with a husband to raise children. When she catches the eye of a second son of a king from a country she's never heard of, she looks for the blessing of her family before making any big decisions.
Prince Daniel of Giselvakia has been sent out into the world by his father, told to only return when he comes home with a bride. He doesn't look seriously until he spots Lady Lucy across a crowded ballroom. Unable to resist, he courts her with a single-minded purpose, to make her his princess and return home. When tragedy strikes Daniel's family, will Lucy and Daniel be able to work things out? Or will their marriage fall by the wayside?