The Fabulous Dalton Boys

The Nanny

Ashley feels like she's in limbo. Realizing she doesn't want to be a teacher after getting her degree in lower elementary education, she moves from Montana to New York City to live with her crazy aunt. When the opportunity to be a nanny in Texas comes up, she jumps at it. It's not until she's flown there does she understand that she'll be living with the child and his very sexy single father. Not looking for romance, she tries to keep her thoughts off the father and on her young charge.
Barrett Dalton is at a loss for what to do when he finds his newborn child on his doorstep. Calling a nanny agency seems to be the only logical solution. The nanny causes his blood to boil in a completely unexpected way. Telling himself over and over that she's there to take care of his child isn't enough. Will Barrett be able to convince Ashley that she's not only the perfect mother for his son, but that she's also the perfect wife for him? Or will she continue to see only his bad boy image and not the caring man he really is?

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The Maid

Cage Dalton’s reputation crashed to the floor and crumpled at his feet. The tabloids and media frenzy couldn’t get enough of the Dalton brothers. Scandals and mishaps made the billionaire brothers popular headline material. In a bid to turn things around, the triplets hired a PR Adviser to do damage control. Can they stay out of trouble long enough to make a difference? Or will their family’s legacy go down in shambles like it had in the past? When three very different women enter their lives, the triplet brothers find themselves challenged in ways they hadn’t imagined.

Brooklyn Rivera’s world shattered. Forced to pick up the pieces of her life, she needed to crawl before she could walk again. Desperate and alone, Brooklyn must learn to stand on her own two feet. Her lavish lifestyle was no more. The cars, the mansion, and the money were all gone. With her father sitting in a federal penitentiary, and all their family assets seized, Brooklyn Rivera was in a bind.

When Cage offered her a position as the new Dalton maid, she grudgingly pushed her inner diva aside. With her dignity on the floor, Brooklyn takes the job. Through friendship, laughter, and pain, Cage and Brooklyn travel a bumpy road in search of something more. Can they find love, or will they only end up hurting each other?

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The Advisor

The Dalton boys are no strangers to trouble, but when a baby is dropped on their doorstep, the resulting scandal has the potential to turn into a PR nightmare. In order to nip disaster in the bud, Archer Dalton hires PR advisor Kalee Hathaway to polish up the family image.

But Archer and Kalee both get more than they bargained for. Between mixed signals, sizzling misunderstandings, vicious bosses, and a makeover that leads to shenanigans, what starts out as business gets personal in a hurry.

Will Kalee be able to turn things around for Archer and his family, or will her “hands-on” involvement with him cause an even bigger mess?

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