Thrice Blessed


Marina has spent her entire life knowing that her power to heal would someday be required to save the world. When England is invaded by William the Conqueror, and her entire life changes, the other threat is still there and waiting for her. As her sisters find love amidst their own private battle with evil, Marina knows love that overwhelms her for the brother of her eldest sister, but he’s made it clear that he will not marry her.

Charles wants nothing more than to get his life in order and receive some of the land his liege, King William, is handing out to his followers. Having his own land means the freedom to marry the lady he loves. Pretty Marina is the only woman he can think about, but he won’t feel truly worthy of her until he can provide a home for her. Will Charles realize that leaving will make him lose the love of a good woman? Or are the two of them destined to live their lives apart?


Christiana and her two sisters, women of power in medieval Europe, are left alone to defend their family's home when Duke William of Normandy invades England in 1066. When they are unable to fend off the invading army, the leader of their enemies claims Christiana was promised to him as his wife, along with her home and her family's lands. Betrothed to another, she fights him, but finds herself married quickly.

Roland joined William of Normandy for the potential to become a land owner. A second son, he knows the only way he will ever own anything is by joining forces with the powerful ruler. He's told there are three sister witches defending their home and the oldest is his promised bride. Both Christiana and Roland are used to being in charge. Will the sisters be able to fight off the coming evil to fulfill their destiny? Is it possible for two headstrong people from different cultures to find a way to live as husband and wife?


Ultimate evil is coming, and Eva knows her magic is needed for the fight. Saving the world was always going to be hard, but with Normans taking over everything she knows, it's only getting harder. The last thing she needs is to fall in love with a Norman peasant turned warrior.

Hugh once believed that magic was evil, and he hesitates over his feelings for Eva. Her magic, and her status as a member of the nobility, put her out of his reach. How can he ever ask her to marry a peasant? But if he doesn't, how will he keep her safe from the evil stalking her?